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March 2, 2015


Adorned with cruelty & vicious deeds this pillow is truly wicked. So sinful in fact that even the Countess herself may have reclined against it as she plotted her next victim… 

(Private Collection / Australia) 

The color red has intruded into our lives in many ways. It began innocently enough with the compulsive collecting of burgundy Victorian portieres, each slightly disheveled and faded to perfection. They soon covered the walls and draped our doorways ushering one through our studio like a team of vamperic butlers. The sanguine pool soon started to spread, drenching carpets, drowning all in its path until our entire front parlor was submerged in a scarlet sea . Not only are the walls awash but rubies now glitter from statues' eyes and drip from stigmata hands... luscious red, all encompassing, has become a quenchless thirst, an insatiable hunger... It is no wonder that we frequently incorporate red in all of her luscious hues into our Black Baroque Luxuries designs, in fact it is quite unavoidable at this point... Gathered here a few of our favorites featuring the Scarlet Queen of Color... Tell us, does red rule you as well? ~Splendor


For your sadistic pleasure we offer you an object of truly evil intent… this ottoman, bloodthirsty and ever cruel with her thorns, requires an unmerciful Master or Mistress to call her own… will you be the one to tame her wicked ways?

(This ottoman is currently available for purchase here

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