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March 2, 2015

{ETHEREAL INSPIRATIONS} Francesco Balsamo, Master of Mystery

More often than not our art appreciation comes to an abrupt end somewhere in the late nineteenth-century... our tastes, it would appear are firmly rooted in a bygone gilded age untouched by modern day. We adore the slightly vulgar Victorians and downright worship the Symbolists in all of their sensuous glory, as for the Baroque era, enough is never enough... When contemplating current works of art we are drawn to a certain ethereal aesthetic, quite bored with the commonplace and downright disdainful of mundane. The Sicilian born artist & poet Francesco Balsamo is truly modern day master of imbuing his works with a grandeur slightly faded...  each and every image is seeped mystery, haunting and slightly disorientating.  Strange vistas are inhabited with skeletal beasts, an odd element at every turn. Mirrors and chandeliers have made their way to the forest and butterflies abound... Much like a modern day *sigh* Alice, I truly wish I could journey through the looking glass and visit his magical realm... See you on the other side, dear ones!  ~Splendor