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March 2, 2015

{BLACK BAROQUE LUXURIES} Welcome to our parlor...


Infernal Greetings! We are Seraph + Splendor, two fallen angels that have landed in Seattle, Washington. Our days and nights are spent creating decadent opulence and infernal beauty. Combining our knowledge of sewing and appliqué with elements of collage and sculpture we have conjured a collection of opulent pillows, ethereal objects and assorted oddities. Every item blends ornate fabrics, found fragments and a bit of alchemy…

As you wander through our blog you will find items seemingly absconded from a demon lord’s palace or a fey queen’s lair. There are sumptuous cushions glittering with jewels and temptations and dark reliquaries of dubious use. Embellished with spikes and strands of chain these wicked creations offer little in the way of comfort and are quite sadistic in nature. Other pieces that we have produced for you are equally as perilous. Some take the form of oracles glinting with mirrors and crystals while others exude witchery and dark omens. Strangely sentient skulls stand ready to answer all of your queries and there are satchels encrusted with spells…take a moment to peruse our wares and find the one that is meant for you…

Our studio has become a backdrop to all of our creative endeavors. We have spent much time collecting and placing the ornate and unusual. Our furniture and vignettes have become individual shrines and altars. We gather objects imbued with mystical powers … masks, reliquaries, statues & regalia. We feel the sentience found in portraits, mirrors & vessels…As reclaimers of the lost and cast off, we strive to create a grandeur slightly faded, that becomes ethereal and otherworldly. We enjoy living amongst an ever changing backdrop of decadent opulence…

We greatly appreciate your interest in our blog and hope that you visit often!

Seraph + Splendor




  1. I felt drawn to convey my admiration of your past & resent sensibilities ! I must confess that I relish reading your descriptions which bring a space or piece alive with the perfect note of imagination.Would certainly love to know more of your story and what you do when you are not hunting strange beauty.

    1. Thank you for your comment & kind words - I adore hearing from others that appreciate a certain dark beauty that I am drawn to. ~Splendor