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March 20, 2015


Here at Black Baroque Luxuries we have noticed the first tinge of Spring in the air... shafts of sunlight have started stabbing through the studio windows illuminating several (dozen?) décor related dilemmas in dire need of our attention. Several windows stand naked, an ottoman goes unclothed. Our sofa sits patiently awaiting a promised pillow set, while our patio chairs simply pout... Finding the time to conjure such furnishings for ourselves might well be a flight of fancy for as the saying goes “the cobbler's children go unshod.” Nonetheless, here are a few highlights from our SERAPH + SPLENDOR'S SPRINGTIME TO DO LIST:

{A fabulous bed designed by the Herter Brothers}

{Brunschwig & Fils Kasba Paisley Cotton Velvet}

{AUDACIOUS AUSTRIAN SHADES} A grand set of Austrian shades (related to Romans but ever so more decadent) for our studio windows are first on our list of luxuries. Several fabrics have been selected including a plum organdy encrusted in gold embroidery with gilded vines at it's hem. A black velvet spangled with tiny mirrors resembling the night sky MUST be worked in as well... As for trimmings, a collection of silver Afghan embellishment should suit quite nicely indeed.

{SINFUL SLIPCOVERS} Now, I consider “slipcover” to be a slightly dirty word for it brings to mind billowing white sheets used to hide away otherwise opulence objects. In a quest to blend practicality (*sigh*) with a bit of posh I have been forced to reconsider my opinion on the matter as a whole. Truth be told, my sewing chair is rather common and most likely started it's life at an office supply store. Yes, I know, I KNOW – the horror of it all... but trust me, dear ones, stitching away teetering upon a parlor chair was problematic to say the least but NO ONE can say I did not try. Thus, a small collection of sumptuous slipcovers shall be assembled for the studio equipment, including silk covers for the sewing machines, and swathing my trusty chair in an ensemble of velvet and lace. 

{The dark romance of dimly lit Fortuny upholstery}
{M. H. Birge & Sons Co}

{OUTDOOR PARLOR PILLOWS} As mentioned before our patio furnishing are in need of a bit of pampering this season as well. All winter long we have been hording away bits of outdoor fabrics for this project in particular. It has not been an easy task for companies such as Sunbrella simply do not make fabrics for the likes of us. Sadly dreams of a Gothic Revival sun porch clad in Pugin-esque patterns have been all but abandoned.  Instead we have settled on a Turkish corner theme in tones of blackened teal, burgundy, black and dare I say a bit of leopard print, too...

Spring is a perfect time to darken one's interior with sublime shades of olive, umber and an abundance of bronze accents throughout... Gathered here is a bit of inspiration. (Top image Nellie Knowall by Wayne Anderson) Enjoy! ~Splendor 

{Luscious room in tones of bronze}


  1. Every time you post pictures, I get closer and closer to abandoning the idea of a sparsely furnished English cottage with whitewashed walls and very few bibelots. Thank you. Because we ALL KNOW that's not really me. ;)

  2. hee, hee... oh, my – I seem to be detrimental to you achieving the simple life... Baroque English Country? A Cabin of Curiosities? ~Splendor

    1. Ooooh, Cabin of Curiosities. I like that one!! :)

    2. I sounds rather tempting! Urban living is trying our patience as of late. ~S

  3. Just letting you know, that when I win the lottery, you're in charge of my home decoration. So, you know, keep that in mind ;)

    Thanks for all the imagery!

    1. Greatly looking forward to it, lovely lady! We will have a grand time, indeed. ~Splendor