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March 20, 2015

{BLACK BAROQUE LUXURIES} Butterfly Reliquary Parlor Cushion

While quite delicate and demure on the surface, this cushion holds a deeper meaning… A butterfly (long rumored to be a vessel for souls on their journey through the Underworld) sits at this cushion’s heart…

A sumptuous selection of materials were used to create this cushion. Firstly, a fragment of dusty charcoal chenille, a befitting background for an array of silks & trimming in tones of ivory, ecru & celadon. Next, a corsage-like rosette adorned with a lush layer of ribbon fringe, a glittering vintage butterfly brooch perched at it's center. Other details include a wide band of woven passementerie encircling the finery in pleats. Lastly, a luxurious panel of hand ruched silk accentuates the pillow edge, to each side a row of bauble trim making the cushion complete. Perfect for a garden room or grand salon, shall this lovely lady be yours?

This pillow is currently available for purchase at our Etsy Shop

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