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March 11, 2015


An antique crumpling frame contains a skull crowned in a halo of flora, a shard of time, a forbidden key. A memento mori shrouded in ancient velvet, red as blood, moldering away to ethereal dust. Dead cloth and strings of sorrow binding the bones of the past... 

Gathered here are a few of our reliquary objects that combine appliqué with elements of collage, sculpture and a bit of alchemy. These decrepit mosaics blend ornate fabrics and found objects with forms and spirits from the forgotten realms. Some are contained within gilded frames and resemble ominous oracles while others bring to mind grimoires and books of spells... The Book of the Dead (above) has passed through the veil of life itself for it proved too powerful for the ones that possesses it...
The two objects below were designed for a very dear client of ours and she has given them a wicked & wonderful place to reside. Working from her concept sketch the grim and glittering Vault of Lune was born. A velvet clad coffin rests upon a bed of filigree frames, an enigmatic eye weeps silver tears... The next piece, a bound book of blank pages conceived as a sketchbook to contain her works. I was quite taken with the concept of our artwork mingling together, the object itself transforming over time... a curious creature (a guardian of sorts) adorns the front cover, warning all but his Mistress to enter at their own risk...

Seraph & I greatly enjoy working on custom objects, please inquire if we can create a special piece for you. ~Splendor




  1. They are indeed wickedly awesome. I love them so much. I can't wait to have another of your wondrous work.

    1. You are always a pleasure to work with, lovely lady! We look forward to our next endeavor! ~Splendor

  2. That Book of the Dead is pretty sweet. What is on the inside? Do you have these readily available for purchase?

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