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March 7, 2015


 Bringing to mind the Victorian era's fancy for turning bereavement into a decant art form, this cushion collage features pieces from our Coffin Pillow Collection. Conjured in luscious jewel toned velvets and opulent trimmings each are truly befitting the dearly departed...


An element of darkness, a sinister foreboding (even amid the beautifully baroque) is essential to any roomscape. Objects beyond the commonplace, ominous in nature, not readily acceptable to all that might enter one's humble abode... In our studio horned beings perch upon cornices, bookcases sprout odd appendages and malevolent masks greet you at every turn. Cabinets and tabletops act as altars to the unmentionable, while unholy shrines appear among the houseplants. Wrought iron lanterns more befitting a dungeon than a design studio illuminate dark corners where few dare tread and in the evenings, blood red candelabras cast an infernal glow... Our collection of infernal oddities inspired our Coffin Cushion Collection – gathered here are a few of our favorites. ~Splendor 


Baroque and resplendent in death, this pillow has become the final resting place of an unholy saint or perhaps a perverse pontiff moldered away to pearl and bone…


It has been said that even in death Lady Nightshade spends her endless hours in a reverie of beauty, darkness and demise...

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"There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night. ..."
Albert Camus 


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