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March 7, 2015


{Velvet flowers adorn a Victorian photo album}

Recently with a billowing of black draperies announcing their presence the elemental spirits (in the form of the wind) overturned a large floral arrangement placed too close to an open window. The gust scattered gilded thorns, twisted vines and bits of twigs throughout our front parlor, projecting a jeweled crow (nest and all) to his final resting place upon a slipper chair... As you might suspect the bouquet in question was not some fussy floral ensemble or quaint country corsage but instead a wicked monstrosity worthy of a Baudelaire poem or unholy funeral wreath. Now I adore flowers as much as the rest but I simply prefer my flora dark & dreary, quite possibly on the verge of death... 

{A lovely lady wanders amid the midnight garden}
{Embroidered panel circa 1855}

{Offering to Flora by Juan van der Hamen1627}
{A decorative Trumeau mirror circa1800}
Here at Black Baroque Luxuries we are currently conjuring a new collection Mourning Cushions inspired by the luscious tones of a night blooming garden. Selected are sensuous brocades in shades of burgundy & blackened plum to be intertwined with velvets clad in tones of soot, coal & chaos... Further adornments includes a bramble of vintage brooches, tendril-like tassel trims & a curious collection of millinery leaves... Tell me, dear ones, does your grand salon grow with dark decadence as does ours? ~Splendor 

{A grand chair adorned with dark floral finery, French 1700}
{Still Life byNikolai Saounov 1912}


  1. Sensuous brocades in shades of burgundy and blackened plum? Intertwined with velvets clad in tones of soot and coal? Good Lord, I'm doomed. I'd better start saving now. :)

    1. We have several fragments of the most luscious purple velvet as well...*sigh* Thank you for your comment, lovey lady, much appreciated! ~S