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March 27, 2015


Well, as a bit of a tomboy it cannot be overstated enough that I grew up with a distinct disdain for dolls. As an adult I am still wary of the little wenches but occasionally enjoy conjuring objects that manifest themselves in a human form. Some are diminutive damsels clad in corsets and crowns while other are but skeletons attired in mouldering robes and graveyard cloth. These ornate effigies are are quite at home when placed in a curio cabinet or haunting a bookshelf, or perhaps encased in a coffin, pins at the ready... 

In fact, many other childhood amusements can become quite lovely interior accents, as well. Vintage chessboards make intriguing tabletops, as do antique puzzle pieces and playing cards when placed under glass. Building blocks can act as bookends, marbles displayed in bowl. Let us not forget a collection of Victorian game boards with their cryptic graphics and long forgotten rules make for much mischief (especially when absinthe is involved.) 

As for our own collections, I still maintain a menagerie of stuffed animals albeit an (ever so slightly) adult version of ornately embroidered elephants that stampede through the studio at will. Fairy tale related ephemera fill our bookshelves, miniature furnishing abound... dissembled doll heads play hide & seek amid a childhood china set, a mad tea party indeed. 

Gathered here are dark and dreamy visions of childhood for those of any age. I am curious, whether newly created or decrepit with age, what playthings have you welcomed into your parlor?  

Please see previous post for our own version of Playthings for the Slightly Perverse. Enjoy!~Splendor



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