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April 25, 2015

{BLACK BAROQUE LUXURIES} Skull & Bones Society


It took of series of days to bring the Infernal Stag into being. We incorporated and combined many relics and charms that we collected for this object. Each embellishment used has a certain significance and meanings, a message into woven the overall design. This ritual sculpture is in our personal collection, a companion and guardian of our journeys...


Drawing inspiration from the vicious rose, this ottoman ensemble is a fairy tale darkly told... Perhaps the perch of a wicked stepmother or throne of a cruel queen, this collection of finery is clad in blood red velvets, onyx silk with ruby accents throughout... 


Deathly, yet decadent this Reliquary Ensemble features our Skull of Aries sculpture. This sculpture is entirely hand assembled blending the techniques of collage and sewing with a bit of sorcery and otherworldly inspirations... It is highly decorative from every angle and truly one of a kind from the organic nature of the ram skull itself to the divergent materials used in its conjuring. Several skull encrusted cushions add to the air of darkness and decay...

We invite you to (our not so secret) society of skulls and bones, dear ones... Enjoy!  ~Splendor


  1. ooooooooo in love with these...

  2. ...these photo shoots were wonderfully wicked to do - more SOON! ~Splendor

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