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April 11, 2015


Perhaps, dear ones, this post is inspired by a certain (not so) chivalric soap opera that is all the rage at the moment or perchance I am just in the mood for dark medieval times done right... A noted Arthurian scholar once astutely stated that "Camelot, located nowhere in particular, can be anywhere". Thus, one's décor should receive the royal treatment whenever possible, a golden age conjured anew. I prefer ours tinged with a bit of mystery with magic abundant at every turn...
{The Silver Tiara by Fernand Khnopff 1900}
{King sized tiebacks, regal indeed}
Amid our mouldering walls we consort with a strange cast of characters that inspire us in our work. An Unholy Court of sorts comprised of courtiers and courtesans alike, as well as other odd creatures that announce their presence with a rustle of wings. Oft as not, we brush shoulders with ghostly grande dames as we go about our tasks. Strangely sentient skulls stand guard at entryways; long deceased ladies in waiting assist us in our every need.. 

{French Antique Jeweled Crown / Paris Couture Antiques}
{A modern take on medieval by Marie Beltrami}

A proper palace (even existing only in hazy vistas of imagination much like ours) requires several things. As dangerous liaisons are apt to occur, secret passageways and hidden doors are a must. If your walls cannot be coaxed into this cabal, the clever placement of tapestries will certainly do. As for illumination, only fire shall suffice, wrought iron tendrils and torchieres containing the flames. Bedchambers and belfries should be suspended from spindly staircases, turrets and towers only entered through a maze... A gargoyle should sit at every gable and griffins given leave to wander at will. A throne room will be requisite, as well as a dungeon adorned in cruel deeds. 
{A grand chair with aristocratic upholstery details}
{In medieval times it was quite acceptable to slipcover your stallion}
As to our whereabouts, we will grace the grand hall on occasion but most likely can be located deep in our lair much like the alchemists of old... Here is a bit of finery befitting a fortress from medieval times to modern day. Enjoy! ~Splendor 

{Throne Room Houghton Hall}    

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