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April 18, 2015


Among the cast of characters that accompany us in our studio, the Courtesans of Color are perhaps the most important... Some may say that mere harlots haunt our halls, glittering in gems and garish in nature. These naysayers are quite mistaken for these mysterious muses act as our advisers as we weave their sensuous shades throughout our designs. Introductions are in order, dear ones, and our violet vixen shall be the first of many... 

{A truly wicked Victorian wallpaper}
{Set Design by Anthony Holland 1940s}
The color purple in all of its many manifestations from luscious lavender to elegant aubergine is an endless source of inspiration. The perfect shade of dusty plum is quite delicious, while amethyst, a decadent delicacy indeed. When conjuring creations in the colorway, we call on the illustrious Lady Nightshade. A word to the wise, one should be cautious when seeking her icy embrace for this paramour of purple quite lives up to her name... A perilous poisoner, Lady Nightshade spends her endless hours in a reverie of beauty, darkness and demise… 

{Set Design by Anthony Holland 1940s}
Windows veiled in cobwebs and lace reveal the parlor where our lady plucks the fruit of her poisonous flowers, ever plotting her next victim. A lilac haze of perfumed potions waft amid her sorrowful salon, bookshelves hold wicked plots, her curio cabinet a crypt. Upon plump pillows, evil notions rest...   The first cushion and namesake created with Lady Nightshade's assistance resides at the lovely Insomniac'sAttic and by all accounts is quite content (and HOPEFULLY well behaved....) *wink* ~Splendor 

{Purple hued draperies and passementerie}

For more of this curious color, please visit our Pinterest board The Purple Parlor.

{Set Design by Anthony Holland 1940s}


  1. All of your pillows are extremely well behaved - I've never had an ounce of trouble from any of them! The Horned Oracle however ... well, that is another matter entirely. ;)

    That last photo makes me think I need to try my hand at gilding ... and I have just the 'new' project to try it out on. Came out of someone's barn ... I couldn't possibly make it look any worse than it already does! LOL

  2. Oh, yes - a little troublemaker if there ever was one! Well, I am all for gilding the lily!!! AND then gilding it again... ~Splendor