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April 25, 2015


A grandeur slightly faded, becoming ethereal and otherworldly is darkly romantic, quite desirable in every way. Roomscapes as well as the objects they contain improve greatly with age. The lapse of time produces glimpses of other incarnations, the hidden secrets, forgotten and largely unseen. Sentience slowly awakens, belongings thought to be inanimate suddenly breathe... Trust me, dear ones, for I know of what I speak... 

{Decrepit upholstery can become a home for birds, ghosts & other spirits}

When accumulating a collection of antiques much is made of a prim and proper appearance. There are those that covet perfection above all leaving many objects simply astray, cast off or otherwise orphaned. I adore the decadently disheveled, the slightly sorrowful are always welcome amid our walls. Forsaken furnishings have found a home with us, content once again. Crumbling frames hold hazy vistas; mirrors' silvery faces clouded with age. Our curio cabinets hold abandoned oddities rescued from a certain fate. We listen closely to their whispers and the strange tales that they tell...

{Find fragments of Gothic Revival wallpaper throughout this post}

Often we converse with our Black Baroque Luxuries creations for they too contain pieces of the past. Vintage jewels and elderly gems are often incorporated, glittering darkly under the patina of time. Tatters of tulle are reclaimed, as well as bits of old fashioned lace. Silken shards, forlorn and frayed, add antiquated elegance when combined with fabrics faded to a subtle shade... Perhaps you will find conversing with cushions rather capricious but we invite you to hear their murmurings and tell us what you hear... 

Gather here is a feast of deliciously distressed décor... Enjoy! ~Splendor 



  1. I absolutely love decrepit, faded, tattered and ragged. I call my style "Bohemian Graveyard".
    Thank you for these images. They are beautiful

    1. Ohhh... "Bohemian Graveyard" has a wonderful ring to it and fits your style PERFECTLY! ~Splendor

  2. i love everything you have, i saw this picture and i have a 1900 dresser that i have the same and i have it in my garage with a queen ann sofa i think i wanna put i side and fix it you gave me ideas thank you

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