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April 4, 2015


 Well, dear ones, it has been one of those days in the studio when an assortment of light bulbs burn out simultaneously and a Stygian cast fill the air. Sitting amid gloom, it occurs to me that any decorating style can benefit greatly from turning to the dark side... A quaint cottage will transform when bathed only in moonlight; the most stately manor will appear quite malevolent in the dead of night. Thus, the witching hour is a wonderful time to decorate to your black heart's desire... 

As darkness falls gather shadows and tuck them throughout your interior. If they prove difficult to catch wisps of tulle and tatters of taffeta will surely suffice. Cloak furnishings in melancholy, dress chairs in shades of soot and coal. Clad mirrors and mantels in proper attire as well, for shrouds and veils shall only enhance a midnight mood. 

Conscript a small army of candle sticks & candelabras to the service of darkness. Corners hold their secrets when illuminated only by candlelight, hallways become perilous paths... Draperies drenched in shadows elongate to elaborate proportion, while apparitions hold court in the eves, all basking in the infernal glow. 

Next, conjure a constellation of decorative accents throughout the sombre stands of twilight now assembled. Chandeliers, who surely speak the language of the night shall become shimming stars as silvery sconces capture Luna's light. Invite a cast of characters to keep company with in your nocturnal revelries. Pretty paintings by day become a perilous portrait gallery at night, masks turn wicked, statues suddenly sentience, stalk among the finery... 

Now that we have crowned darkness triumphant, let's dim the lights and welcome the oncoming night... Gathered here are some darkly delicious roomscapes... Enjoy! xoxo ~Splendor 



  1. If I weren't such a chicken, I'd walk down our driveway right now and see if our quaint cottage really is transformed in the moonlight! Seems safer to stay inside the sunroom though, which is currently illuminated by the glow of the moon, my tablet and the tiny scarlet light on the space heater. ;)

    I love these pictures, especially the drapery on the fireplace mantel, the old books, that totally uncomfortable looking chair in the fourth picture ...

    1. Well, I am quite confident that your cottage looks fabulous under any circumstances and in all lighting conditions! Unfortunately, we do not have a mantel to dress but if we did... One must respect Victorians and their COMPLETE disregard for fire hazards! hee, hee...~Splendor

  2. I'm always around during these hours..even my neighbors are like "Why are you up around 3am?" and I always respond "And you're not?"

    I love love love the candles. Although I love using wine bottles as holders, especially the $500 bottles the husband brings home from work...

    1. Yes, we love candles, too - as well as billowing draperies, so yeah... thus, we have a few other lighting tricks up our sleeve, too! ~Splendor

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