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April 4, 2015


Ever on the search for all things fabulous, I find myself rather smitten with this Rococo Revival chair and ottoman. Currently held captive in the venerable halls of the Victoria & Albert Museum, this set must simply be ours. Festooned in carved ivory, richly upholstery in red and accented throughout with onyx, it is truly an object of lustful desire... *sigh* Created by the craftsmen of Berhampur, India in the 1820s, and described at the time to show 'vulgarity and bad taste' it would be PERFECTLY paired with our Death's Key Coffin Cushion and would have a proud place in our parlor... ~Splendor 


A cryptic collage of vintage jewelry forms the center piece medallion of this cushion. An antique skeleton key (guarded by a grinning skull) sits upon a festoon of tattered silk, tassel trim and bullion fringe. To each side, a set of metal rosettes detailed with blood red stones and crystal teardrops suspended on a silver chain. The velvet ground fabrics (burgundy on the front, onyx on the back) are the very last fragments of a vintage drape. At the pillow edge, a blackened bauble trim and tarnished cording make this cushion complete. 
{Chair Detail}


  1. That pillow is awe inspiring. I don't even have a couch to put it on...

  2. Couldn't you and Seraph create a reproduction of the chair for your stunning pillow to rest upon? Methinks so! Mo

  3. Thank you kindly for your confidence in us, Mo! It sounds like a grand plan BUT I am not entirely sure that I should be trusted with a table saw... oh, my... Maybe some (not so) simple re-upholstery? ~Splendor

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