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May 23, 2015


Who among us does not desire to dine amid the glittering grandeur of the Goblin Market? Perhaps better yet attend a bountiful banquet at Beast's abode where wine is poured by unseen servants and strangely sentient centerpieces observe the revelry which will undoubtedly unfold... 

{Dennis Severs' Residence}

Certain occasions call for a feast worthy of a fair tale, whether a grand celebration or simply a weekday made more whimsical. When conjuring such a fete by all means fetch the fine china that we banished to the back closet in a previous post. Plates dressed in florid finery shall feel right at home, while odd implements of dubious function will only add to the enchantment. Footed platters spanning several feet are highly impractical but quite fabulous when piled with decadent delicacies. Starlight can be served in cut crystal goblets too fragile for daily use, dainty decanters employed to capture dreams... For those preferring a darker tale told while dining, might I suggest a tablescape complete with cauldrons clad in cobwebs and candelabras adorned in proper mourning attire? 

{Coalport Porcelain Factory England c1810}
{Potted herbs are a lovely accent to any table}
{Dining in style has been depicted throughout history}

Whether frivolous and fanciful or dangerously dark, may your celebrations be the envy of fairy folk throughout the land! Gathered here is some dining themed finery for you to devour.  The leading image in this post is a tablescape designed by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory.   For more, please visit out Pinterest board “A Feast for the Eyes.” ~Splendor 

{A mural makes a grand backdrop for one's spices}

May 13, 2015

{BLACK BAROQUE LUXURIES} Elizabeth Mourning Pillow


Clad in old world elegance befitting a queen, this cushion whispers of long dead monarchs while holding a dark secret at her heart... 

{Adding the final details by by midnight & candle light}
{A luscious trove of finery}
{A bit of sinister company}
 Rendered in rich tones reminiscent of the Tudor court, this cushion is truly regal in nature. Much inspired by a collection of materials in onyx, apricot and burnt orange the conjuring of this cushion began. A fragment of vintage silk velvet in a ravishing shade of russet became the perfect background for such finery. A collage of cut velvets and gilded galloons forms a wide panel, to each side a decadent trim dangling pom pom tassels. At the center, a corsage style medallion holds a darkly glittering vintage gem. If one looks closely, a sinister skull encased in amber can be spotted, a curious detail indeed... This memento mori is made complete with a layer of iridescence ribbon fringe and several tattered silk shards. At the cushion's edge, a luscious brush fringe, the finishing touch...

Shall you invite this Grand Dame in to your cottage or castle? 

This item is currently available in our Etsy Shop.

{The completed cushion}
{Memento Mori Detail}

May 9, 2015


An orchard once far afield (as any sensible grove should be) has encroached upon the back hall, dear ones... Enchanted fruits now litter the floor and branches have sprouted from our bookcases, their leafy tendrils mingling with tassels and tapestries alike. Furthermore, a bird has nested amid the draperies and our front parlor is overrun with beasts. Ivy encases our curios cabinet and the ceiling is awash in stars... Lady Luna herself looks in on us from time to time, illuminating our abode in her pale glow... 

{A Grand Gothic Revival Sun Room}
{Antique Turkish Textile} 

{Wrought Iron Garden Furniture}
Curious happenings have occurred out of doors as well. Teapots pour tulips, topiary table lamps lounge among the shrubs. A chaise that once slept at the foot of our bed has slithered outside (followed soon after by a set of chairs.) The trio spend their days basking upon the balcony, occasionally clad in velvet but most often in the buff... (oh, my) The seasons brings to life a brass bed frame, a briar of roses in the summer, a coverlet of crocus in early spring. Petunia clad pillows scatter across a carpet, oriental in origin now overrun with moss...

{A fairy tale setting styled by Rebecca Purcell}
{A Fragment of Antique Floral Wallpaper}
As an explanation of these oddities we can only state that “Baroque Organic” is a concept that we often incorporate in our designs as well as our personal décor. Visions of grand roomscapes reclaimed by nature are an endless source of inspiration, as are gardens littered with finery and furnishings. Gathered here are a few luscious images that blur the line between indoors and out. Enjoy! ~Splendor 

{High Tea in the Garden}

May 2, 2015


Why is a raven like a writing desk?  Perhaps that cryptic query will never be entirely understood but as to the question of a “home office” the answer is assuredly yes. Before we begin, let us rid ourselves of THAT term entirely. A Victorian Study sounds ever more appealing as does a roomscape deemed a Den of Decadence... 
{Renzo Mongiardino}
{Books, antique or otherwise are a must}
In bygone days such rooms were a male's domain, the household's patriarch spending his time plotting and plundering at will. So much importance was placed on a gentleman's “Man Cave” that the fairer folk were quite forgotten, set to tasks befitting their station. While spending one's days embroidering doilies has it's appeal, I for one have other intrigues which require my attention. Conjuring cushions is a pressing business, dear ones, and an elegant atmosphere is quite appreciated when planning my cushion related incursions...

{A lovely antique table lamp}
{A clutter of skulls & books}
A proper “Lady's Lair” such as mine need not be overly feminine filled with frills and frippery. A desk draped in an antique carpet or curtain panel adds an air of mystery, drawers hidden amid the folds. Quills and inkwells may dwell in the past but modern day necessities can be spirited away in a myriad of ways. Gilded trays and crystal goblets are a perfect perch for pens and paper, while clips and bands are quite content nestled in an ornate jeweled case. Wonderfully weathered cabinets are essential hiding places for contemporary contraptions that would otherwise be an eyesore, while shrouds keep electronic devices out of sight, out of mind... As for lighting, silk covered lanterns and Art Nouveau table lamps are a must, giving an infernal glow to the task at hand... 
{Antique desk accessories}
{Geoffrey Bennison}
{A perfectly fringed fuel lamp circa 1885}
Whether Lord or Lady of your office abode, may your plotting be prosperous and your schemes a success... gathered here some inspiring Dens of Decadence. (Lead image: artist Alphonse Mucha's lovely library) Enjoy! ~Splendor