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May 23, 2015


Who among us does not desire to dine amid the glittering grandeur of the Goblin Market? Perhaps better yet attend a bountiful banquet at Beast's abode where wine is poured by unseen servants and strangely sentient centerpieces observe the revelry which will undoubtedly unfold... 

{Dennis Severs' Residence}

Certain occasions call for a feast worthy of a fair tale, whether a grand celebration or simply a weekday made more whimsical. When conjuring such a fete by all means fetch the fine china that we banished to the back closet in a previous post. Plates dressed in florid finery shall feel right at home, while odd implements of dubious function will only add to the enchantment. Footed platters spanning several feet are highly impractical but quite fabulous when piled with decadent delicacies. Starlight can be served in cut crystal goblets too fragile for daily use, dainty decanters employed to capture dreams... For those preferring a darker tale told while dining, might I suggest a tablescape complete with cauldrons clad in cobwebs and candelabras adorned in proper mourning attire? 

{Coalport Porcelain Factory England c1810}
{Potted herbs are a lovely accent to any table}
{Dining in style has been depicted throughout history}

Whether frivolous and fanciful or dangerously dark, may your celebrations be the envy of fairy folk throughout the land! Gathered here is some dining themed finery for you to devour.  The leading image in this post is a tablescape designed by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory.   For more, please visit out Pinterest board “A Feast for the Eyes.” ~Splendor 

{A mural makes a grand backdrop for one's spices}


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