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May 9, 2015


An orchard once far afield (as any sensible grove should be) has encroached upon the back hall, dear ones... Enchanted fruits now litter the floor and branches have sprouted from our bookcases, their leafy tendrils mingling with tassels and tapestries alike. Furthermore, a bird has nested amid the draperies and our front parlor is overrun with beasts. Ivy encases our curios cabinet and the ceiling is awash in stars... Lady Luna herself looks in on us from time to time, illuminating our abode in her pale glow... 

{A Grand Gothic Revival Sun Room}
{Antique Turkish Textile} 

{Wrought Iron Garden Furniture}
Curious happenings have occurred out of doors as well. Teapots pour tulips, topiary table lamps lounge among the shrubs. A chaise that once slept at the foot of our bed has slithered outside (followed soon after by a set of chairs.) The trio spend their days basking upon the balcony, occasionally clad in velvet but most often in the buff... (oh, my) The seasons brings to life a brass bed frame, a briar of roses in the summer, a coverlet of crocus in early spring. Petunia clad pillows scatter across a carpet, oriental in origin now overrun with moss...

{A fairy tale setting styled by Rebecca Purcell}
{A Fragment of Antique Floral Wallpaper}
As an explanation of these oddities we can only state that “Baroque Organic” is a concept that we often incorporate in our designs as well as our personal décor. Visions of grand roomscapes reclaimed by nature are an endless source of inspiration, as are gardens littered with finery and furnishings. Gathered here are a few luscious images that blur the line between indoors and out. Enjoy! ~Splendor 

{High Tea in the Garden}


  1. Oh, that first and last picture. Sighs ... :)

    1. Yes, the first I have had in my files for ages... that last one - I want to steal that tea cozy and make a cushion! ~Splendor

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