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May 13, 2015

{BLACK BAROQUE LUXURIES} Elizabeth Mourning Pillow


Clad in old world elegance befitting a queen, this cushion whispers of long dead monarchs while holding a dark secret at her heart... 

{Adding the final details by by midnight & candle light}
{A luscious trove of finery}
{A bit of sinister company}
 Rendered in rich tones reminiscent of the Tudor court, this cushion is truly regal in nature. Much inspired by a collection of materials in onyx, apricot and burnt orange the conjuring of this cushion began. A fragment of vintage silk velvet in a ravishing shade of russet became the perfect background for such finery. A collage of cut velvets and gilded galloons forms a wide panel, to each side a decadent trim dangling pom pom tassels. At the center, a corsage style medallion holds a darkly glittering vintage gem. If one looks closely, a sinister skull encased in amber can be spotted, a curious detail indeed... This memento mori is made complete with a layer of iridescence ribbon fringe and several tattered silk shards. At the cushion's edge, a luscious brush fringe, the finishing touch...

Shall you invite this Grand Dame in to your cottage or castle? 

This item is currently available in our Etsy Shop.

{The completed cushion}
{Memento Mori Detail}


  1. Saw it on Pinterest, went over to Etsy, started a message to you twice asking whether “Shall you invite this Grand Dame in to your cottage or castle?” wasn't a redundant question, then deleted them ... I need to go back to sleep and decide whether we should eat wieners for the next month or whether I should buy another pillow. ;)

    1. Oh, my... I greatly apologize for disrupting your sleep with queries about cushions! hee, hee! ~Splendor

  2. Amazing design!! This piece resembles the ancient style glorified magnificently. The center piece is the main point of attraction, making it a wholesome set. Its always good to adore these sort of designs that have historical values attached to them.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Yes, we draw much inspiration from old world aesthetics and times gone past. So glad that those elements came through in this piece. ~Splendor