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July 18, 2015


My heart dwells in the netherworld, dear ones. Much like a modern day Persephone I wander amid infernal grandeur and haunt shadowy vistas filled with enchanted objects and odd magics. Needless to say, I have been a lifelong connoisseur of the fantastic and far fetched. As the story goes my Mother started reading me fairy tales before I even entered this rather dreary mortal realm, and to this day I revel in stories of overgrown cottages and crumbling castles, a goblin at every turn. 

{A foreboding Medieval manor}

{A collection of Gothic Revival finery}

As a result, fragments of fantasy literature have found their way into our design work and decor. In fact, many of our most fabulous patrons are indeed fictional, existing only in the figment of our imaginations. Now, I will admit to being rather smitten with the Witch-King Angmar since childhood, seduced by visions of his billowing black robes and evil deeds... he is a dream client of sorts, and would gladly drape his grim halls in all matters of finery.
{A wrought iron chandelier worthy of a Dark Lord}

{Elegant arched windows}

When conjuring his castle Seraph & I envision an abode adorned in decadent darkness, befitting of a phantom lord, long undead... Gathered here are a few of our inspirations. Enjoy wicked and wonderful wallpapers, ominous archways, writhing wrought iron and of course a curious dungeon, cruel and cold... 

{A grand staircase}

{A set designed by Leslie Hurry 1958}

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{A dungeon belonging to Cesare Borgia}